Sabtu, 09 Maret 2013

Rare Angon House for Rent

Nice front terrace to joy your day in the morning and relaxing your body with the fresh air
Enjoy Your Sleep With Single Bedroom
 Single Bathroom
 Enjoy your day when cooking in the kitchen
Front house is a natural garden and nice rice field view
"The area is close to ubud around 15 minutes walking on the nice ridge walk. Located on Br. Bangkiang sidem Ubud, in a quite area surrounded by rice fields and Champuhan river view. Green house, pleasure atmosphere, night rice field sleep experience! The street is quiet, not much traffic, just some cars and motorbikes during the day."
"Rare Angon's Houses, feel like your own Apartment in Bali " Welcome! Rare Angon's Houses is familiar, friendly, have started operations on february, 2013. Our mission is to ensure that all our guests have a memorable moment when staying in the beautiful island of Bali, while experiencing…"
Owner: Wayan Mudiana.
1 bedroom
Sleeping places: 2
Order now!!! You will see the awesome sunset views in the afternoon.
Paradise place in Bali
Rare Angon Ubud on vocation only US$23 per night
Enjoy the real Bali and Balinese Culture, + guiding religious and culture places in Bali
Address: Br. Bangkiang sidem Ubud, Gianyar, Bali.
Contact person:
(Eka: 087861381305)
Facebook: Eka GT Salamander

Senin, 21 November 2011

Traditional paintings and egg paintings

Barong Dance ( 20X15) on paper

Rice Field View (on paper)

Suthasoma (egg painting) different sight

Barong Dance, Elephant Safari, Kalarau, and Ganesha
 (egg painting)

Contact us on:

Email :
Phone: +6287861381305 or +6287860125218
 That is all I can share to you hope you can join with us on this occasion and hope you enjoy come to Bali.

Kamis, 10 November 2011

Balinese Traditional Painting

 (Story of Rama & Sita)

Hello,,, I am the painter Wayan Mudiana, from Bali. in Bali there is a lot of things that you can do on your Holiday, now I present to you those are some of traditional painting of Bali, we made it by hands and we have more than that on our Gallery. So, if you have time to visiting Bali please don't forget to visiting us on small village in Br. Bngkiangsidem, UBUD, Bali.
Here We Have Also Painting:
Balinese culture, Rice Terrace View, Balinese dance (e.g. barong dance, kecak dance, arja dance, ect), Balinese Story (e.g. suthasoma, Kalarau, rama & sita, ect.) and other Balinese traditional painting. 
All you can find here, and you can order also everything about Balinese traditional painting.
contact us on:
Email :
Phone: +6287861381305 or +6287860125218
 That is all I can share to you hope you can join with us on this occasion and hope you enjoy come to Bali.